• The Perfect Contemporary Style: Bondi

    World of Style by Porter Davis Bondi Style

    Architecture has transformed a lot this millennium, and now the modern family home must suit the ever-evolving Australian family, which can no longer be categorised into one type of family. Australian homes need to be versatile to cater for our diverse interests, with open plan living, multiple living spaces, and beautiful outdoor living solutions to optimise our warm weather (on a good day!).

  • Interview: Steve Cordony

    Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

    In just a few short weeks, we will begin our first Masterclass for 2017 with the ever-stylish Steve Cordony, stylist-at-large for Belle Magazine.

    We caught up with Steve before his talk at World of Style on the 25th of February to speak about colour, trends and finding a timeless style for our homes.

  • MEDIA STATEMENT: False Rumours

    Porter Davis Homes is concerned by the false rumours about our viability reported on March 14th 2012 by Derryn Hinch on the 3AW Drive program.  Please be assured that our business is not at risk and remains viable.Indeed, the changes Porter Davis ma...

  • Grab your bonus builder grant

    Is the Government grant of up to $26,500 for newly constructed homes not enough for you? Want more? Or you’re not a first home buyer? Soak up our $20,000 builder grant!The First Home Owner Grant and Bonus of up to $26,500 is still on the table for ne...

  • It’s a hip hip hooray happy new year at Harcrest!

    Hip hip hooray it’s the New Year. We hope you had a fantastic festive season and we’re pleased to kick off the New Year with an inspirational display centre now open at Harcrest in Melbourne’s south east. If you’re looking for the latest in new ...