• The Perfect Contemporary Style: Bondi

    World of Style by Porter Davis Bondi Style

    Architecture has transformed a lot this millennium, and now the modern family home must suit the ever-evolving Australian family, which can no longer be categorised into one type of family. Australian homes need to be versatile to cater for our diverse interests, with open plan living, multiple living spaces, and beautiful outdoor living solutions to optimise our warm weather (on a good day!).

  • Interview: Steve Cordony

    Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

    In just a few short weeks, we will begin our first Masterclass for 2017 with the ever-stylish Steve Cordony, stylist-at-large for Belle Magazine.

    We caught up with Steve before his talk at World of Style on the 25th of February to speak about colour, trends and finding a timeless style for our homes.

  • Your very own Hamptons home


    First impressions are everything so the façade of your house should offer the first glimpse of your style within. Our all new range of Hamptons inspired façades offer something truly unique to make you stand out from the crowd.It’s been long kn...

  • The best reason to be on hold

    Usually being on hold is considered a bad thing, but in terms of interest rates, it’s a good thing for mortgage holders when they’re at the lowest level since the 1950’s.After announcing an interest rate cut last month, the Reserve Bank of Australia ...

  • Fall in love at Lucas Landing


    With a Valentine’s Day opening, we’re hoping you find a reason to fall in love with our new Lucas Landing display centre, featuring two new houses, stunning World of Style interiors and a genuine Welcome Centre experience.Let us host you in our new L...