Grants, bonuses, packages and promotions – how to measure real value

You’ve definitely heard and read it before. You’ve probably even been had by a great “sale” offer. “It’s the biggest sale ever”, “a one day only offer” or “a never to be repeated promotion” but when you’re trying to decide where to invest your hard earned coin, how do you evaluate the real value of promotions?

As the old saying goes, the promotion is basically a sale sign out the front of the shop to get you inside. The power is yours if you’re aware of what other builders are offering and if you can put a real dollar value on the package. Plus, of course, you need to relate the promotion to your personal situation to make sure you benefit!

It’s no use buying a house just because it comes with a free outdoor setting and a barbecue, particularly if you already have those things!

When you’re talking about investing in a new home, you want to be making the decision because of the quality of the builder and for the designs available to make sure the experience meets your expectations.

When measuring up promotions, make sure you look for value-adding – you want to be able to see what the company is willing to provide to thank you for your custom. Here is a checklist of some things you should consider when looking at a promotion:

• If the promotion includes specific products, shop around and get a feel for the prices of similar products
• Check out the competitors of your preferred builder – what are they offering?
• Weigh up what’s important to you – what items do your family need and what can you live without? Which of these are included in the offer and what would you still need to buy?
• Does the promotion tie you to any restrictions and does this affect your building experience?
• Are there any long terms rewards?

Just as important as the promotion you receive should be the level of after care service you receive – no use building a house and never being able to get in touch with your builder again!

What do you look for in a promotion? Are there any options that you consider more valuable than others?

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