It’s raining, it’s pouring, my construction is stalling

Would you ever mow your lawn in the rain? Probably not. Why not? Because you’d get wet, you’d slip and being in control of a rather long sharp blade in slippery conditions isn’t ideal – it’s dangerous. It’s the same for tradies working on your home.

It’s not even just when it’s raining. Wet weather can also leave sodden soil, which makes it impossible for the poor ol’ tradies to do their job properly.

And while you’re eager to get into your new home, you wouldn’t want unstable foundations, so your builder will make the call and delay your construction until conditions return to normal.

There are allowances for this and other delays, in your HIA building contract.

Your builder usually has a number of days they allow for wet weather (around 10 days – check your contract or ask your builder). If all of these days get used up but the rain keeps on falling then your builder must claim extra days in accordance with your contract.  Your builder will send you a written letter to explain the delay.

Aside from Mother Nature, other legitimate delays can occur on your build, factors deemed out of the control of your builder. Have you experienced any delays from factors out of your builder’s control?

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