Discover ongoing inspiration

If you thought display homes were only useful when you were buying a new home, think again!

Most builders are constantly opening new display centres to inspire and encourage new home buyers, making them a perfect place to gather new ideas for decorating even once you’re living in your new home.

Most new display homes will help you:

  • Identify what colours are in season, for example at the moment we’re seeing lots of warm chocolate colours as we head into winter...a latte coloured throw rug will immediately warm your lounge!

  • See how different textures and colours work together with the use of ornaments, vases and trinkets mixed with rugs, wallpapers and cushions.

  • Visualise a product in context – in a homely environment, sort of like trying on clothes, you never know what’s going to look great until you put it on and sometimes it can be a really unexpected and pleasant surprise!

  • Create your own personal space by choosing bits and pieces that appeal to you. You don’t have to take on board every idea from every home, just take picture or notes of the bits and pieces that appeal to you.

With the Porter Davis iPhone application, you can even view the pictures of new displays in the palm of your hand, which makes shopping so much easier.

Simply look at the pictures of the rooms you like the most and make them your favourite. When you’re out at the shops, you’ll be able to find products that look similar.

There are plenty of brand new 2011 display homes now open so make sure you use them for your benefit!

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