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Not everyone can decorate a tree so it looks like it belongs in a Myer window, so here we share a few Christmas decorating tips and ask you to share yours with us!

If you admire the Christmas trees and decorations in store windows and think you’ll never be able to match the baubly brilliance, here are a few tricks we can share that will have your home looking equally as festive and stylish.

1. Put your lights on first

If you’re going to use fairy lights, put them on before you start decorating your tree with tinsel and baubles. Fairy lights usually come on a loop of string, which can be hard to work with if you’re trying to wrap them around without them crossing over each other. Instead, start at the top of the tree with both strings of lights and walk around the tree, essentially creating two diagonal rows of lights. Then you don’t have to cross the lights over each other and you’re left with a very pretty, evenly lit tree! Make sure your lights aren’t touching any tinsel or baubles to reduce the risk of fire hazards and always turn off your fairy lights when you go to bed or leave the house.

2. Don’t go overboard on colours or themes

Pick your theme, say pink and gold if you are feeling contemporary or red and gold if you want a more traditional look and stay within those two or three base colours. Just because you have blue baubles left over from last year doesn’t mean you have to use them. Choose items within these colours eg baubles, ribbons, bon bons – anything can go on the tree as long as it’s in the colour theme.

3. Use the green of the tree

People often forget about the ultimate base colour of green from the tree. Don’t bombard your tree in so many decorations that you lose the tree – let some of the green come through to compliment and contrast with your chosen theme.

4. Use tinsel wisely

Often one long piece of tinsel or two entwined in each other in your chosen colours is plenty. Start from the top and wind it down. If you love tinsel, wind it down to the base of the tree quite tightly so that you have lots of tinsel, otherwise wide stripes work better with baubles and decorations.

5. When decorating, use a diagonal pattern

The best looking trees use simple lines to create a stunning look, not randomly stuck on decorations. Have a look at your local shopping centre tree – usually everything is in a sweeping diagonal pattern – the lights, the tinsel and the baubles. This way the tree looks naturally ordered and not too busy or hectic.

6. Be merry

If you hate what your kids have done to your usually beautiful tree, relax and remember that home made decorations and family time is far more important than a professionally styled tree.

Think your Christmas tree and home decorating is extra special? Send us some photos and we’ll add them to this post :

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