From the ground up! Tony and Reema purchasing points.

The purchasing experience can be challenging, especially when you are planning on making structural changes and upgrades, as the price can be hard to nail down but new home owners Tony and Reema look back with no regrets…

How was the purchase process?

Our sales consultant did provide us with outstanding customer service but trying to put together a realistic quote was a challenging task.

There were times where we felt like walking away and going to another builder, but we are glad we didn’t as the end result was well worth the hassle.

We have taken on board Tony and Reema’s feedback and now pricing is available for the majority of items at your colour and electrical selection appointments at Hopetoun Interiors!

Any advice or tips for other new home buyers at this stage?

My advice for new home buyers at the purchasing stage is to have a clear understanding of any major structural changes and inclusions you want well in advance.

Was the deposit and payment process explained to you and easy to understand?

Porter Davis was extremely helpful in guiding us through the building process.

Did you qualify for any grants, if so how was that process?

The only grant that we qualified for was a stamp duty reduction on the purchase of the land. The process was easy as our conveyancer handled all the paper work.

Any tips for others and anything you learnt about buying a new home?

When buying land do some research (ask the neighbours if it’s a newly established area) on soil type classification and slopes on your land. The grade of your land can significantly affect your construction costs.

Do you have any insights or tips into making the purchase process as simple as possible?

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