Q&A: Is a 2m gap at the side of our house sufficient access to landscape our backyard?

Selva asks: We are building shortly and would like to know if a 2m gap at the side of the house is sufficient access to allow for landscaping work to be done at the back of the house?

And what purpose does the Telstra pit serve? What is it and how does one arrange for internet, or phone cabling? Would the Telstra pit service other providers as well such as optus or tpg?

Hi Selva. The first answer to your question is YES! A 2 metre gap should be sufficient as Bobcat is approximately 1500mm wide and this ia also enough space for a 6m x 4m trailer. Just ensure that if this is the side of your home where your services are located, i.e. your hot water service, this will decrease the workable area.

About the Telstra pit, most telco providers will use the Telsta pit for future connections (i.e. land lines, broadband, etc). The only exception will be if there is overhead power for Foxtel.

Best of luck with your build!