Q&A: Does PD do polished concrete floors?

Paul asks:  I am looking at buying a porter davis home but i want polished concrete is there any chance of getting that instead of tiles or floor boards. I really like polished concrete, i think it really makes a difference to the appearance to the house.

Hi Paul

Thanks for your question. We don't provide polished concrete floors, as it doesn't fit with our Procedure of Purchase (see http://blog.porterdavis.com.au/index.php/2010-09/under-construction-the-more-you-know-the-better/). By sticking to our Procedure or Purchase, we can guarantee when we start the construction of your home and when we will finish it.

But don't lose hope! You can polish your floors once construction is completed and you get your keys. One of our Building Managers has said there are few treatments you could look at after settlement, but you'll need to look into your options yourself and schedule accordingly. Hope this helps?