Q&A: Is FHOG included in the listed prices of your homes?

Brad asks:  I'd like to know if FHOG is included in the listed prices of your homes. I have noticed a lot of other builders quote the price with FHOG included but I am unable to find any finepprint that suggests the FHOG is inlcuded in your prices or not.

Hi Brad. Thanks for your question. We understand that it can tricky to compare homes when you don't know if FHOG has been deducted from the list price.

When browsing our website, we always show the list price or the full retail price. If we are advertising the first home buyer price (i.e. list price less the FHOG), we will always say so, so it's clear for people researching their options.

So if you're looking to build in Melbourne, take off another $20K from our prices. If you're looking in Regional Victoria, take off another $26,500! Hope this helps.