Q&A: What insurance cover do you take out on behalf of the owner during a build?

Selva asks:  Hi there, Could you please explain the insurance cover/ covers taken out by PD on behalf of the owner during a build. What is warranty insurance?

What type of cover is needed to protect my home during the construction phase before handover, and whose reponsibility is it to take out this insurance?

Hi Selva, thanks for your second question :).  We have public liability insurance that we include in your Building Contract, which covers us for any accidents or incidents that might occur onsite during the construction period. As soon as we begin building on your land, we are liable for what happens.

When preparing your building permit, we take out Home Owner's Warranty which is a requirement to get the building permit. This covers the owner if anything was to happen to us as a builder, so your home can still be completed. I hope this helps?