Q&A: Where are my final construction drawings?

Paul asks:  I am building a Heathcote 42 and site cut was yesterday. I am very worried as I have not yet seen the final cosntuction drawings. The last drawings I saw showed the downstairs ensuite in the wrong position. Now the site has been cut, the pipes will be laid and I do not know if the site crew have the right information. My customer service coordinator has not responded to my emails or phone calls, which is very common for her. I find I have to initiate all of the communication which I find appalling.

Hi Paul. Thanks for contacting us via the blog. We made a tweak to our Procedure of Purchase last year where by all customers need to pop into their local office to sign off on their final construction drawings. This ensures that you are 100% happy with the design and that we are building to final and approved plans. Have you not had this appointment with your Building Coordinator?

And I'm sorry to hear that your Building Coordinator hasn't been getting back to you as expected. I'd like to follow this up for you. Could you email info@porterdavis.com.au with your build address and the name of your Building Coordinator?  Thanks in advance.