Q&A: Do the prices for house and land fluctuate with different lot sizes?

Kristy asks: Hello, Do the prices for house and land fluctuate with different lot sizes? I'm looking at the Randwick at Berwick Waters Estate, for $462,142. What i'm wanting to know is does the price change depending on your land size? or does it stay the same for every block ? Will the price change from time to time depending on what block your selling? Also, why is there no Livingstone package for the Berwick Waters Estate? Thanks.

Hi Kristy. The quick answer is yes. The cost of the land is attributable to the size of it. So say you have a 600sqm block that fits the Randwick at Berwick Waters, it will be a lot more than a 400sqm block that also fits the Randwick.

You will find that all of our homes have been designed to suit common block sizes to make it easier for you when looking for that perfect piece of land. For example,  the Livingstone 21 suits a minimum lot size of 14m wide x 25m deep. We can't make it squeeze onto a 12.5m wide x 25m deep block - 14m x 25m is the minimum size for this home.

Keep this in mind when looking at blocks of land - you want to make sure your ideal home design fits!

With Berwick Waters, there is a lot available that fits our Livingstone 21 design. Lot 273 which is 14m wide x 30m deep. Will give you a good sized back yard, but not too big that it's an effort to maintain. Fixed price package is $448,525*.

Let me know if you want more info and I can get Nadene to help you out!

* Price effective 19.04.12