Discover a new neighbourhood that designer dreams are made of

Maybe your neighbour is planning on a pink, orange and purple double storey new home delight to be constructed right after your beautiful new home is finished. Sounds annoying right? Relax. There’s now a guaranteed neighbourhood solution at Forsyth Park, Truganina.


Investing your hard earned cash into a new home is a dream come true for many Australians, but what if your neighbour devalues your home with their hideous facade, ruins your streetscape or starts construction just when you’ve just finished?

There’s no need to put up with all that uncertainty because we’re launching a new Porter Davis Neighbourhood opportunity at Forsyth Park in Truganina, which means your neighbour’s home will be in sync with your style, taste and construction timeframe.

It’s also available now, which means you can still secure your $20,000 First Home Owner Grant and bonus before the $13,000 bonus expires on 30 June – but be careful, you need to sign your housing contract before the expiry date and they take between 4 – 6 weeks to draft!

With four bedrooms, two bathrooms and double car garage house and land packages available from just $297,299 for first home buyers, these packages offer the ultimate in peace of mind and affordability.

We’re also including fixed site costs, floor coverings, front landscaping, rendered façade and before we run out of breath, driveway, fencing and more!

That’s a lot of value packed into your first or new home and it’s matched with the security of knowing your neighbour’s home will be of the same high quality Porter Davis standard as yours.

The homes within the Forsyth Park Neighbourhood precinct will also be constructed within similar timeframes, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to put up with ongoing dust, noise or hassle from neighbouring construction.

You can read more about the new neighbourhood at Forsyth Park or download our free iPhone or iPad app.

What would bother you the most about your neighbour’s new home? Bad taste? Construction noise and dust?

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