Q&A: Can we make use of the bradford solar offer?

Selva asks: We are nearing the end of lock up stage and the roof is fully installed. Can we make use of the bradford solar offer( have already contacted them for a quote etc) to in stall a solar system ,before handover, to take advantage of the solar rebate ending 30 June?? Thanks

Hi Selva. Thanks for your question. You should be able to take advantage of the offer, but if the roof cover is already constructed then this would mean that the guardrail is up due to the 2 metre height rule by Worksafe to stop people falling off the roof. This guardrail is only on a short term hire and once the roof is complete then it is removed. So any works completed on the roof after the removal of this is not approved without the use of either a harness or reinstallation of the roof rail. Just something to keep in mind with the timings of installing solar. Hope this helps.