Q&A: What exactly is Hebel?

Donna asks: Hi, Could you please explain the 'Hebel Offer' in a little more detail to me please. I understand that you have a promotion for $1,999 (single story) or $3,999 (double story) at the moment, however I am unsure of the specifics of this offer. Is the house built with standard bricks and then rendered with a hebel product, or are hebel blocks used in place of 'regular' bricks? thanks in advance for your response.

Hi Donna. Thanks for your question about our Hebel special offer. Hebel is a building material similar to concrete cut to size to suit your home, so no bricks or blocks required. To help you understand exactly what Hebel is, I think you need to read our post http://blog.porterdavis.com.au/index.php/2010-12/alternative-exteriors-hebel-for-your-home/ and also visit www.hebel.com.au. If you want to see Hebel on display, head out to the following Porter Davis display homes:

Casiana Grove – Dunhill 33
Selandra Rise – Amalfi 29
Lyndarum – Kallara 33
Providence – Ivanhoe 33
Eucalypt – Kinsmead II, Larwood I
Kingsford – Dunhill 33
Taylors Hill – Kallara 29

Plan your trip with our free App or visit http://www.porterdavis.com.au/#/locations.

Hope this helps. :)