Q&A: We can't find floorplans and upgrades on your website?

Eddie & Suzie asks: We have searched your website and unable to view the floor plans and upgrades that can be built with this home. We have inquired to a PD representive and told we could view all floor plan to all d.storey homes but, unable to find an link to view any floor plans . Could you please email floor plans of the Brooklyn 50 to me please, at the above address at your convince. Thank you , if you could Eddie & Suzie Edwards.

Hi Eddie & Suzie. Thanks for your feedback. Our main website is built in the program 'Flash', which is not supported by smart phones or tablets. If you were viewing our website on your smart phone or tablet, you would have seen our 'HTML' website, which gives a taste of what we do and some home design and display centre information, but it doesn't feature in-depth information like our 'Flash' website.

Full details including floorplans, range of standard floorplan options, house prices and more are available from the 'Flash' website.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, we do have a free App that you can download. See http://www.porterdavis.com.au/#/app.

As for Android, we don't have a service suitable right now....but watch this space!

Of course if there is anything that you need, just send us an email at info@porterdavis.com.au and we'll do our best to help you. Cheers.

Please note, the Porter Davis App has been replaced by our new and shiny website. You can now visit www.porterdavis.com.au on any device - mobile, tablet, desktop. Let us know what you think.