Q&A: Will there be an ex-display furniture sale at your Estuary display centre in Leopold?

Soul asks: Can you please inform me when you will be selling ex-display furniture from the Regatta In Leoplold, Estuary Estate, Geelong?? I love the furniture there n was wondering when and if the furniture was for sale.. would be great to hear back from you, Soul .

Hi Soul. Thanks for your question. We host ex-display furniture sales when we close a display centre and the owner of those display homes don't want to purchase all of the furniture (they get first dibs!). Our Estuary display centre will be open for some time to come, so I can't confirm if we will be having an ex-display furniture sale just now. Recommend that you follow this blog to be the first to know, as we announce these sales on the blog first.

If there is a particular piece of furniture that you do love in the Regatta and you want it now, have a look at Coco Republic's website at www.cocorepublic.com.au, as they furnish our Access display homes. Hope this helps!