Q&A: Who does the home theatre wiring for Prestige homes?

Abhi Garg asks: Hello, can you tell me who does the home theatre wiring for PD Prestige homes? I have had mine done but need to speak to someone about how to install the Home Theatre System with the wiring that has been done.

Hi Abhi Garg. Our electrical partner at Hopetoun Interiors, Argus Technologies, complete all the wiring for home theatre systems in our Prestige homes (and Lifestyle and Access homes too). You can definitely contact Argus if you need assistance. They will have your floorplan on file with measurements for any pre-wiring they have completed, plus they can visit you at your home after you get your keys to install your home theatre system. 

You can either email bookings@argustechnologies.com.au or call 1300 274 878 to speak to someone in the Operations department. Argus also has techs that you can speak to. There is generally an additional call out fee for anything that is over and above what was included in your initial proposal, however, this can all be worked out during your conversation with Operations depending on what you are after. 

It will be very helpful to Argus if you can provide your full name and your build address if you email or call them, as this will allow them to quickly bring up your floorplan to reference.

Hope this helps!