How to hold and hoist your resale value

Spring is in the air and that usually means a heap of homes hit the “For Sale” market as prospective buyers bask in the sunshine and head outdoors to discover their dream. What can you do to make sure your property holds its resale value and stands out to potential buyers?

We’re not going to blow our own trumpet too much but if you’ve bought a Porter Davis home, you’re already one step in the right direction!

Have a look around at homes for sale and you’ll find that those selling a Porter Davis home actually list them as “Porter Davis built homes”, simply because of the association with high quality workmanship and style.

There are other things you can do to ensure your home holds its resale value:

  •  Buy in an area you and your family love and you can be sure that other buyers/investors and families will love it for the same reasons – close to shops, schools, medical facilities, public amenities like parks and playgrounds and with easy freeway access.

  • Our research indicates a preference towards 4:2:2 – that’s four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage but if you have bought smaller or larger – don’t be afraid to advertise this because the same as above, the reason you bought it will appeal to the right buyer.

  • Invest in first impressions! Landscaping, façade and entry – make sure gardening is neat and tidy and entry way clear of clutter and general maintenance is up to day (eg fill in picture frame holes etc).

  • Ensure your décor appeals long term. We offer clients access to professional interior designers during their colour selection appointments and our comprehensive World of Style portfolio, which means homes have a consistent and professional colour theme throughout that won’t date easily. Don’t get caught up in fad colours or trends as you may turn off prospective buyers.

  • Make the most of what you got! Make a list of your favourite features in your home and share them with buyers and/or your agent. What you love about your home, a lot of other buyers will also love. Plenty of kitchen benchspace? Lots of storage area? Integrated alfresco area? Abundance of natural light? All of these elements attract buyers!

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Have you sold a property recently? What’s your advice to those marketing their home for resale?

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