Q&A: Can you tell me which categories the Essa Stone bench top colours fall into?

Jodi asks: Can you please let me know which Essa Stone colours for bench tops fall into the different Categories and the approximate price difference. Thanks

Hi Jodi,

I can provide you with the categories listed below but unfortunately I’m unable to assist with the pricing.  I suggest you speak directly with a PD sale representative and they should be able to help you with this.

Cat 1: Crystal chalk, New Sable Lux, French Nougat, Piazza

Cat 2: New crystal Salt, New Ciaro,  Macchiato, Carbon, New Chinchilla

Cat 3: New basmati, White truffle, Porcini, Panna cotta, French black, Terazzo, and New Byzantine

Cat 4: Dusk, Sorbet, Frappe, Bitter Chocolate, Promenade, Midnight Rendezvous, Galileo

Cat 5: Bone White

Hope this helps!