Q&A: Do your upgrade costs differ?

Angi asks:  Do your upgrade costs differ according where the house is built and the range we choose from?

Hi Angi,

Porter Davis pricing for materials is consistently applied across the whole PD business. That said, the price a client pays for an upgrade may vary dependent upon the different standard inclusions/promo inclusions within the Porter Davis Brand because we charge “ILO”. Said differently, the cost of a “category 3” tap is the same in all businesses. If an Access client has category 1 taps included and a prestige buyer has a category 2 tap included in their promo then the cost to upgrade to a category 3 tap would be charged at different prices to reflect the different included tap cost.

  • The price to upgrade volume items (eg: bricks, roof tiles, plaster) obviously varies by house size.

  • We do have a build zone map and do charge a surcharge to build outside the area. With that surcharge paid the pricing on all upgrade items is the same standard Porter Davis pricing.

  • Site costs obviously differ by block of land.

In a nutshell,  yes prices are consistent across all brands, however this can change depending on:

  • Promo inclusions

  • Build zone

  • Site costs

Hope this helps