The buzz on flyscreens

While seasonally warmer weather means more enjoyable outdoor dining and great sports on television, it can also mean an invasion of unwelcome houseguests in the form of creepy crawlies. Here we take a look at your flyscreen options.

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With endless sandy beaches, glorious mountains and a diverse coast and country landscape, Australia is an amazing place to live…but we’re world renowned for our equally diverse range of creepy crawlies – from the deadly to the dead scary.

While we have some community protection measures in place such as shark nets in the ocean and we’re taught to be snake aware when in the bush, there’s nothing more acutely annoying than a mozzie buzzing around in your ear while you try to get some shuteye, or a pesky fly interrupting your dinner plans. Well actually, a hiding huntsman in your laundry can also be an unwelcome surprise.

You can use pest control measures such as surface spray, rodent traps and bug killers but by far the most effective means of pest control in your house is the installation of flyscreens to keep those pesky creepers and crawlers away.

In addition to pest control, flyscreens encourage more natural ventilation as you’ll be more inclined to throw open the windows and let the natural light and air through your home, which will help reduce your energy bills.

Image provided by A&L Windows and Doors

An added benefit is that they can actually also help keep your house cleaner by keeping dust and debris out and flyscreens are pretty easy to pop out and clean.

While keeping the dust out of your house is better for your health, keeping flies and their dirty germs and diseases out is also an advantage, so you can see how important flyscreens are in Australian homes.

If you have evaporative cooling, flyscreens are also a necessity. If you do choose to install flyscreens, you will still have to protect yourself against larger intruders, as standard screens don’t usually offer any security or form of resistance.

  • Most flyscreens can be colour matched to aluminium door or window colour

  • Screens can be powder coated to compliment selected timber windows

  • Standard mesh insert is fibreglass, however, you can invest in aluminium mesh, pet mesh or steel mesh

  • Flyscreens aren’t just for windows, you can have screens made for swing or sliding doors including new retractable screens for larger openings, such as bi-fold doors.

What’s your least favourite insect to come across in the house?

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