Q&A: Can you please help me with the colour selections categories?

Steve asks:  Could you  please advise what Category 1 colour selections there are for the bricks for your Forsyth 35 Study+Alfresco option? If you can, the category 1 for same house but also for the floor tiles, "timber look flooring", carpets & roof tiles. Better yet, if you have a catelog showing all of the above - i'll be glad to see it! Cheers, Steve. PS: We're very excited to start our build with Porter Davis - just a shame the land can't be released for a while yet

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on finding your dream home!  The questions you have asked require some very detailed responses and because I am working within a defined question response space on the blog, I have asked someone from Hopetoun to contact to direct to help you out with your questions.

Cheers, PD