Build your home in the world’s most liveable city

For the fourth consecutive year, Melbourne has been named as the most liveable city in the world. Read on to find out exactly what makes it more liveable than any other location on the planet.

While it’s simply a case of home is where the heart is for many, Melbourne is apparently the most liveable city according to the research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Up against 139 competitors vying for the title to be “the” place to live, Melbourne scored 97.5 out of a possible 100, while Vienna and Vancouver come in close runner-ups, with scores just above 97.

While you might have your own reasons to call Melbourne home, the research looks at 30 criteria under five broad areas including stability, infrastructure, education, healthcare, culture and environment.

If you’re about to purchase your new home, rest assured that the title means Melbourne has been weighted against the rest of the world and compared well on criteria including quality of housing, public transport, healthcare, roads and private education.

The evaluation also takes into consideration threat of terror and military conflict, prevalence of petty crime and murder, humidity and temperature, sport and culture as well as consumer goods.

So make the most of living close to the world’s most liveable city and experience all that Melbourne has to offer, finding enjoyment in our culturally diverse lifestyle and comfort in the security and stability we enjoy on a daily basis - an attractive combination that the rest of the world just can’t seem to compete with!

What do you love most about living in Melbourne?