Cook your house and heart warm this winter

If you like seeing a recipe come to life, join us at the World of Style showroom on Saturday 13 June at 12:30pm for a special cooking demonstration by one of Melbourne’s favourite foodies, Emma Dean.

Take the opportunity to learn preparation and cooking tips and tricks to help take your dishes to the next level or simply reuse the recipe at home to impress your family and friends. You’ll be able to plate up with confidence, knowing exactly what you are doing when it comes to this dish.

And what is this oh-so-delicious-dish?

Chestnut and Lentil soup will take your mind and soul (and stomach!) to a place of pure indulgence – serving up winter eating at its finest. 

You might recognise Emma from her MasterChef days, where she didn’t cook up the drama and disaster, instead taking out the top title for 2013.

Emma’s passion for food began in the paddocks and kitchen of her regional Victoria childhood home. Her parents instilled a love of growing and cooking farm-fresh produce from her youngest years and she was taught to knead bread, grow veggies, and collect freshly-laid eggs.

Emma’s beautiful cooking style is inspired by a combination of her regional upbringing and her enthusiasm for urban foraging, resulting in dishes that mix classic ingredients with the more unusual and adventurous.

Register to save your spot now and enjoy watching Emma create her winter warming Chestnut and Lentil soup!

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