• The Perfect Contemporary Style: Bondi

    World of Style by Porter Davis Bondi Style

    Architecture has transformed a lot this millennium, and now the modern family home must suit the ever-evolving Australian family, which can no longer be categorised into one type of family. Australian homes need to be versatile to cater for our diverse interests, with open plan living, multiple living spaces, and beautiful outdoor living solutions to optimise our warm weather (on a good day!).

  • Interview: Steve Cordony

    Steve Cordony World of Style Masterclass 2017

    In just a few short weeks, we will begin our first Masterclass for 2017 with the ever-stylish Steve Cordony, stylist-at-large for Belle Magazine.

    We caught up with Steve before his talk at World of Style on the 25th of February to speak about colour, trends and finding a timeless style for our homes.

  • Time now to plant your summer garden

    Spring has nearly come to pass and if you thought you’d missed the window of opportunity to get your green thumb on, think again! Plantmark are here to explain that it’s not too late to plant some summer-loving herbs, fruits and vegetables!The expert...

  • Punters on the money with interest rate announcement

    The Melbourne Cup might always be unpredictable but industry punters were right about interest rates staying unchanged at 2.5 per cent.Held on the first Tuesday of every month, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) met on Melbourne Cup Day and once aga...

  • Staying low a high for mortgage holders

    Interest rates have been held through October at 2.5 per cent, a historically low cash rate and for the 14th consecutive month, it makes it the longest rate hold in more than 10 years.In a decision that has home owners rejoicing and first home buyers...

  • A completely unbiased blog post about World of Style


    Haven’t had the chance to browse through our new World of Style centre yet or getting excited about your upcoming appointment? Read through one client’s impression – a blog post completely unedited, unsolicited and untouched by us! In looking through...