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A truly inspiring destination with traditional Moroccan elements of ornate detailing in ceilings and doorways.  Beautiful arch windows adorn the space with a warm neutral tone to the walls that play perfectly with rustic stone tiles and where possible the stunning introduction of tessellated tiles.  A rich  palette of spiced colours are used in large Persian styled rugs, bed throws, cushions and wall hangings.  The introduction of simple contemporary pieces like sofas with dark timber detail allow the traditionally inspired pieces to become the hero.

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Rich in history with warmer wall colours, feature stonework and rustic floor tiles with aged timber. Timber, wicker and wrought iron matched to Spain’s traditional colours of yellow and red to blend beautifully in throws, cushions or décor items.

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This country created the word “siesta”, which provides the cue for this relaxed look. Its style is vibrant in colour but reminiscent of the old sandstone walls and terracotta tiles. Reds, blues, orange and yellow.

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Inspired by extraordinary countryside, gourmet food and wine as well as fine art and history, this style is about rustic tones of timber, painted furniture and vintage patterned floral cushions.

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