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Located in lower Manhattan, New York, this is the location of many artists’ lofts and art galleries.  It has a perfect blend of historical buildings mixed with current architectural masterpieces.  It’s hip, cool, grungy and most of all tolerant.  This means that any style goes, but a common thread is vintage. Highlighted in furniture, artwork, kitchen design, wallpaper and lighting, this is a perfect blend of old versus new, highlighting a stylish non-conformity.

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Berlin’s architecture is captured with classic lines, an aged palette of timber and tiles and large white walls with an industrial mono tonal grey palette. Layering of shapes, designs and mixed timbers compliment the injection of acid yellow decor.

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Aged battered leather adorns furniture mixed with weathered timber boards and chrome detail to furniture. An aeronautical influence of black and white photography, propeller inspired fans, medium-toned vintage look timbers with a strong masculine feel.

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New York

The city that never sleeps is reflected in this classic look but with a cool contemporary twist. Mid tones are highlighted with chrome and glass, low line sofas and black and white photography. Masculine, cool, contemporary.

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