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This style is for those of us who live life to a different beat.  Musical instruments lay amongst rooms; musical scores are framed as artwork on the walls in a cool vintage – almost random style. There is no structure, just a story in each space.  A slight masculine edge lingers by the use of rich leathers and tweed and plaid cushions.

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Cape Town

A strong nature based style, reflecting a safari getaway. Hand-painted carved furniture, mixed with textured fabrics and hand crafted cushions. Traditional African artefacts sit with contemporary pieces. Wood, hessian, stone and wicker tie this style together.

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Las Vegas

This style takes us back to the time where the strip was cool and classy and when the famous rat pack ruled. Opulence is present, but classic lines combine with rich palettes of colour.

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New Orleans

A melting pot of culture, music and food, this style has a musical overtone, with a striking palette of colours, and timbers layered with vintage inspired pieces. It’s a cool jazz bar at its best.

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