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A destination that has been visited by artists, writers and tourists all enthralled by its mystical beauty.  A mix of history and culture, its eclectic style of rustic furniture, layered with décor pieces all ready to tell a story.  Sandstone and limestone creating a beautiful starting palette, fresh inviting colours of blue, lemon and pink are highlighted in cushions, throws and floral.

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British Virgin Islands

A beautiful silver sanded style that simply defines relaxation. Medium timber mixed with rattan creates an old world feel, inspired by the Southern Plantation and Colonial Homes. Leafy florals perfectly completes this style.

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Greek Islands

For those who love the iconic images of the Greek Island landscape and its amazing blend of blue and white, this style uses strong textures, with white and oak timbers and a touch of rattan to produce a stunning effect.

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Positano - Italy

Distinctly Italian with a feeling of history through cobbled stone, exposed brick and rough textured walls. White furniture with rattan/wicker base cushions and light oak furniture create a base palette. Unstructured floral is key to this style.

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