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A place where the weather is perfect all year round.  Known for its musical roots and vibrant lifestyle.  This style oozes a cool funky feel.  A Vintage feel with rustic rattan mixed with a rainbow of colour and texture.  Colour features in all areas even including furniture.  Strong vibrant wall colours enhance this exciting style.

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This style is about sun and relaxation with a wonderful mix of light to medium timbers, rattan and stone. Major colours of peacock blue, summery yellow and citrus green feature throughout the soft furnishings.

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Medium timber tones, open weave rattan with splashes of strong vibrant oranges, crimsons, purples and canary yellows are layered in bed linen, cushions and sheer curtains. This is a feel of the stunning floral environment of Fiji.

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Koh Samui

With warm and inviting natural timbers , including touches of rattan and the soft furnishings, this relaxing but elegant style has a crisp clean palette with splash of russet red and orange with cushions, throws or bed runners.

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