From the Ground Up: Tracey’s build

We are very excited to feature the building journey of Tracey, who has recently moved into her new home! To celebrate the big move we have done a feature article on her home here on the Porter Davis blog. She has offered some great insights into her home building journey and decorating inspirations.

Tell us a bit about your home building  journey.
I always wanted to build!! Started dreaming about since I was 19!!! Fiance’s parents sort of forced us into it and we haven’t looked back since. We purchased our land in July ’09 and didn’t start until June ’10... it was a horridly long wait.

Looking back, what was the most enjoyable part of the building process for you?
Picking our colours. I think I drove my Fiance insane with my love of greys...and watching everything coming together. It’s our baby!

What was the most difficult part?
Wanting to upgrade so many things but not being able to afford it as it’s our first house and driving past the house everyday but seeing no action!

How would you describe your decorating style?
Hmmm... This is where my sister would call me “Nanna retarded”. Modern mixed in with the old... I love damask patterns and kooky prints ala Tim Burton.

Tracey’s Moodboard for decorating inspiration.

Can you offer any decorating tips for others, such as your moodboard idea?
Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to try different things rather than just going with what is in at the moment. Show some personality in your furnishings...

How did you choose the colour scheme for your home? What overall style and mood were you aiming for?
As said previously, I love grey and well green too. I wanted the house to have a relaxed/slightly beachy feel about it, nothing to glamorous or formal. I felt it was really important to have a certain flow with our home since it is only 18sqm.

Where do you go for decorating inspiration and advice?
Haha... People are going to laugh at me, I love younghouselove... their style is simply amazing!
Kristen Davis Designs, she can do some awesome things with a paint brush.
Ohh... and I can’t forgot the lovely people on H1, they know who they are!

Anything exciting on the horizon for you and your new home? What other projects do you have lined up?
Lots! The fun never stops for us!! House front – I have many more pictures to put up, walls to paint, and much much more furniture to buy! Our front and backyards need to be landscaped too, we are starting the front yard this summer which is very exciting for us!

We have a wedding to plan now that the house build is over. Hoping for 2013...

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