Ho ho home decorating this Christmas!

When deciding to create a Christmas look the most important step is choosing the theme or colour palette.

It is important to choose something that compliments your home from the tree, through to the house decorations and of course the table setting.

It doesn’t have to be over the top, just choose a couple of colours e.g silver and white, gold and white, red and green or all white.

When decorating your tree don’t fall into the trap of over doing it. Choose six or seven different types of decorations and use those rather than about 20 different ones, which can end up looking messy.

By choosing colours that suit your normal surroundings, the tree actually complements your environment and looks like a beautiful addition to your already completed living space.

With the table setting, choose a piece to be the centre item of the table. This could be a candle arrangement, or a simple flower arrangement reflective of your colour palette.

A simple way to make a striking impact is to use charger plates e.g, a silver and white setting. Place a silver charger plate then on top, use a white dinner plate and bowl, white and silver napkin with a silver napkin holder. Charger plates can be purchased from numerous shops and can create a really strong statement around the table.

Complete the look with a simple wreath reflective of your theme and palette on your front door. This will give or you friends and family a taste of what they are about to experience!!

And a Merry Christmas!

Do you have any stylish Christmas tips?

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