From the Ground Up: Donna’s build

Tell us a bit about your home building journey.

This is our third home but our first build. We spent many hours looking at floor plans once we decided what we required one trip to the display home and the ball rolled from there. Many hours were spent on the internet gathering information for selections the hardest part was waiting from contract to hear the site start date but once the tap was installed on the block the build time just flew.

I am sure every home builder stresses about there selections "did I choose the right laundry cupboard colour?" "Will the paint look ok with the tiles?" etc, etc. We did visit Hopetoun Interiors before our colour appointment so had a good of idea what we were after. My advice to others is once your selections are done, relax, you chose them for a reason and it will all come together in the end.

Looking back, is there anything in your house design you would change? (more downlights, different tiles) now you've been in there for a while?

After living in our home for 9 months we love it more now than when we first walked in the display home because it is ours with our personal stamp on it. We were talking about building on acreage the other day and both my husband and I said we would build the same house again the only change we would make is to put doors between the lounge and the family/meals area.

How long did it take you to decorate? How would you describe your decorating style & can you offer any decorating tips for others?

Our decorating style is definitely our own. My husband collects WW1 memorabilia so our study is often referred to as the museum.  We love antique and contemporary furniture we having fun mixing the two. Decorating is certainly not finished (I still have boxes that need to be unpacked). My advice to others is stick with what you love, it is your home not your friends or families.

Did you do any major changes to your home post handover?

We had things organized as soon as handover occurred driveway and window coverings were done before we moved in. The landscaping has made a huge difference to our home the front is complete but the backyard is still a work in progress.

How are you finding your estate? Have you had much contact with your neighbours and the surrounding community in general?

We built in Jacksons Hill Sunbury a Vic Urban development we love the views and park lands. Having lived in Sunbury for over 20 years and having a local business we were already part of the community.

Anything exciting on the horizon for you and your home? More decorating? Any further alterations?

The next thing on our to do list is the Alfresco and maybe those doors from the lounge. Certainly after handover the fun part starts where you turn your house into a home.

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