What do local council and OH&S fees cover?

What do local council and OH&S fees cover?

Safety is paramount in the community so it’s no surprise that the local government enforces very strict Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) guidelines in the building contract for constructing a new home.

Did you know that every week on average, 50 Victorian construction trades are seriously injured and have to stop work?

No one wants to put anyone at any adverse risk and we do everything we can to keep our trades and the community safe.

When you build a new home, you are also contributing to keeping tradies safe as the costs of local council and OH&S requirements are usually covered under your site costs but many new home buyers want to know exactly what these fees cover.

Generally OH&S costs include:

  • Temporary perimeter fencing where required  by the local council

  • Crossover protection again where required by the local council

  • Any permits for hoarding, road opening and traffic management as needed

If you purchase a house and land package, all local government and OH&S requirements are covered and there are some promotions which also include these fees even if you have your own land. However, sometimes when you have your own land, your local government and OH&S requirements will be priced accordingly by your builder to adhere to the local government requirements.

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