Q&A: Where can I get the pendant lights on display in the Regatta at Estuary?

Claire asks: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me which company supplied the 3 pendant lights you have in the Regatta 23 displayed in Leopold. (They are also in you style finder in the master bedroom of the resort Organic Blue for Regatta23 at Estuary). Also what is the brand/colour of the floorboards in the Regatta23 display at Leopold? Thanks, Claire

Hi Claire, thanks for your questions. Happy to answer them for you! The pendant lighting was from Beacon Lighting, but we have checked their website and we can't seen them currently listed which makes us think they are no longer availble. You could try Papaya in Sydney. They are a home wares wholesaler and had the pendant lights a couple of seasons ago. They might  be able to give you details of the retail shops that stock their lines and this particular product.

And to answer your final question, the floor boards are by Unique Timber Flooring and the colour is ‘Spotted Gum’.

Hope this helps!