Q&A: Can you add a floor drain to my upstairs bathroom?

Paul asks:  I am told PD can't do a floor drain in my upstairs bathroom. What if the bathtub overfills? We are installing timber look laminate upstairs which would get ruined. Our fully tiled shower has a drain, so I thought a similar one in the floor would be easy.

Hi Paul. The floor wastes to the first floor can create an issue. When you create fall to the centre of the room near the door becomes higher. You then have an issue with the floor junction at that door with the floor in the hallway - one is higher then the other.

To the ground floor is not an issue as the fall can be created into the concrete slab.

Fall to a first floor is also not a requirement of the NCC or national construction code.

Shower wastes are different as they are a confined area, and with some of them, the floors are raised to this area so fall is obtainable.

The solution?

The builder can provide an over flow to the bath, similar to that of a vanity bowl.

This is where the water is captured at the top rim prior to going over the edge and is diverted into the waste of the bath. There is a small hole or outlet to one end of the bath for the water at the top. Examples of these are on the Imperial website.

Hope this helps? Which double storey home are you building?