Q&A: What's a Certificate of Acceptance of Works?

Marlene asks: Hi, we're building with PD at Selandra Rise. I'm just wondering if you could tell me what is Certificate of Acceptance of Works for and PIC numbers? We had a 13th of January 2012 site start but the building has stopped indefinitely due to this delay? Can you tell me who should be responsible to obtain this and if this should have been done prior to settlement?

Thanks for your question, Marlene. Understand that your Business Manager has been keeping you up to date regarding the delay. Best thing for you to do is to maintain open dialogue with Stockland and maybe take a read of this: http://www.southeastwater.com.au/property/Aqueduct/Aqueduct_Issue_3/Pages/Understanding_impacts_early_release.aspx

We need to wait until South East Water gives Stockland its Acceptance of Works Certificate and in turn the PIC number, before we can start building your home. And we're ready just like you are!

Let us know if there is anything we can help with.