Q&A: When should I reposition my crossover?

Muhammad asks: Hi, I am building a Waldrof 48 which requires relocation of crossover. Relocation has been approved by the Council. Please tell me if I should build the new crossover before the construction of new house starts or wait until the construction is finished to avoid any damages to new crossover. Regards Muhammad

Hi Muhammad. We recommend that you wait until construction of your home is completed (and nice choice with the Waldorf by the way!).

We may need to provide a temporary crossover to access your block if you don't already have one, but there is still a possibility it could get damaged with heavy machinery and vehicles driving over it.

When you're ready for your new crossover, your council will need to inspect the new position to confirm reinforcement , size and location prior to having the concrete poured.

If  the existing cross over gets damaged during construction, don't worry, as you're relocating it anyway!

Hope this helps? Let us know if you need more info.


What is a crossover? A crossover or vehicle crossing is the concrete area between the road and the driveway on your property. You might think that this is part of your driveway, but it's on public land, so you'll need to chat to your council about repositioning it or getting one installed.