What to do when wet weather hits home

After years of drought in Victoria and across Australia, it seems the rains have finally come. Avoid leaks and drainage issues with our maintenance and preparation tips!

If you’re in a new home and there’s been lots of rain and you don’t have any leaks or drainage issues, you probably won’t develop any (hooray) but here are some tips and tricks to help you through any extended wet weather.

Maintenance and preparation pay off:

  • We’ve all heard this one before, but it really is the best tip. Keep your gutters and flashings clean and free of any debris, particularly if you’re near trees.

  • Pay particular attention to the flashings around your evaporative cooling unit and if you have a double storey home, check where the single story roof meets the second.

  • During heavy rains, your stormwater pipes (or your neighbours!) can overflow and the best way to avoid them flooding into your home is to have “proper” landscaping and drainage. You can find a range of tips in your CSIRO document that you received at contract signing.

  • If you notice a soggy backyard, get the advice of a builder asap... don’t wait until it’s an unplanned pool. It means you have a drainage problem, with either water not draining off your roof and land properly, or your block being your neighbour’s drainage spot. A licenced builder will be able to inspect and advise you of the best approach.

  • If you’ve sprung a leak in your roof, it’s best to immediately capture the water coming through so you can preserve carpets and furniture. Use a tarp where safely possible to cover the roof and if it’s a really severe leak, you can consider calling in the SES.

If you spring a leak, think back to the last time someone was on your roof, so you can pinpoint the primary issue… was it the cable TV installation guy? Or the retriever of the last Frisbee or football on the roof?

Just remember if you do need to go on your roof be very careful when walking on it if you want to avoid future leaks as heavy feet can easily break roof tiles.

Got any other wet weather tips?

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