Don’t get the winter blues, get the winter greens!

Many plants are dormant over winter, but it’s still a busy time of the year in the garden according to PD Rewards partner, Plantmark.

Winter is all about preparing your garden to make the most of spring, whether you want to grow some vegies or a beautiful looking garden.

Forget about the winter blues, get out into your garden and enjoy the winter greens on a sunshine filled day and reap the benefits in spring!

• Plant. Winter is the ideal season to plant and transplant deciduous trees and shrubs. Getting plants in the ground now gives them plenty of time to establish before the hot summer.
• Save. Take advantage of bare-root season and save money with most deciduous trees available as bare-rooted stock, everything from ornamentals, fruit & berry trees and roses.
• Prune. Winter is a good time to prune plants once they have finished flowering. Remember pruning promotes growth!
• Mulch. Keep the soil moist for several months by mulching through winter.
• Feed. Late August is the perfect time to feed your lawns with fertiliser.
• Enjoy. Gorgeous winter blooms of camellias, magnolias, helleborus, pieris japonica, hardenbergia and grevilleas.
Plantmark has a fabulous range of winter flowering plants and bare-rooted trees and roses so come in today. Make sure you show your PD Rewards card and enjoy exclusive shopping privileges.

Do you have any gardening questions? Let us know and we’ll get a professional opinion from Plantmark!

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