Q&A: Can I have half & half?

Kristy asks: Can I have half and half? I like the front half of the montague with the bathroom having a window, and i like the back half of the Livingston with the kitchen at the front and the small study.

Hi Kristy. Thanks for your question. Unfortunately we can't build half and half, even though you have combined two very good designs! 

Our business is set up so that major structural changes like your suggestion can't be facilitated. Means we wouldn't be able to guarantee the start date of your construction, or the construction timeframe. Plus, we get heaps of efficiencies in the office and on site by using our designs just as they. HOWEVER, I will make sure that our Designers see your question. Maybe they'll take it on board and design a new home!

I had a quick look at our current Access range, have you considered the Cannonvale design with fourth bedroom and study option? This has the window to the ensuite and the kitchen in a similar position as the Livingstone. Only difference is that the study is not right at the back of the house. But still worth a look? See http://www.porterdavis.com.au/#/homeviewer/cannonvale/options. Would this design meet your needs?