Q&A: Can we have a breakdown on the base price & site costs?

kinduka asks: Can we have a breakdown on base price & site cost?

Thanks for your question, kinduka. To answer your question fully, I'll need a little bit more information from you. But I'll do my best to answer!

If you are looking at a house & land package, the site costs are fixed, i.e. you have no more to pay even if we start digging and do find rock in the ground that needs to be removed. Great for your peace of mind and your budget.

Our package prices include the base house price, the land price, site costs, estate covenants & guidelines, OH&S and government requirements, temporary fencing, bushfire attack levy complaince to a 12.5 rating and more. If you want to understand the site cost component of a particular package, have a chat to your sales consultant.  If you're not chatting to a sales consultant, let us know if you'd like to!

If you're after the total site costs for a block of land you already own and plan to build on, this will be available after we've completed a soil test and survey.

Sorry if this is a bit vague, but happy to go into more specific detail if you want to provide us  with a bit more background info. Cheers!