Q&A: My slab had to be upgraded. Why?

James asks: Hi I am building a Lifestyle Drysdale 26 house in Cranbourne and the package price included a M class slab. But they had to put a HD class slab instead and charged me extra $7500 which is I think a ripoff. I have been trying to contact the office coordinator to ask this and she never call me back. Can you please rectify this?

Hi James. Thanks for your question. Currently, the base price for all of our homes include an M Class slab. Only after we do the final soil tests and surveys can we determine whether the block needs an upgraded slab. Without knowing the intimate details of your build, I'm assuming this is what has happened in your case. I'm a little worried that this process hasn't been communicated to yuo, so I'd like to follow it up. Would be great if you can send me through your contact details and build address to info@porterdavis.com.au. Cheers.