Solar simple and on sale

Most home owners know what solar is and why they should have it (save money, save the environment) but actually installing solar often it comes down to where do I start? Porter Davis and Bradford Solar have the easy and more affordable answer.

Creating a more sustainable home isn’t just about saving the environment, the effort to reduce your energy consumption and reliance on artificial energy for climate control, hot water and lighting can also save you more than $1,300 a year off your energy bill. Say hello to your new holiday fund!

And that’s an estimation based on today’s electricity costs, which seem to keep rising and rising. Solar power is all about harnessing the natural energy of the sun and converting that energy into a renewable energy source to power your home.

By producing your own solar power, you will be able to budget better – no longer at the whim of energy companies increasing fees and charges, while also reducing your energy bills or even eliminating them.

Yep, we said eliminate power bills. Sound too good to be true? It’s not and it gets even better.

You can also earn money from solar power - that’s right, some home owners generate and feed enough green energy power back into the grid from their rooftop solar panels so that the energy company actually sends them a cheque for power generated (nope – we’re not joking).

Solar power is a pretty simple concept – power from the sun is used to create green electricity but that process can only happy with the right solar panel cells, positioned carefully on your roof for maximum solar gain.

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells convert the light energy within the cells of the solar panel to create DC electricity

  • This DC electricity is then converted by a solar inverter to household electricity to power your home

  • This is the really cool part – you use green energy and any surplus power generated by the solar panels on your roof are fed back into the power grid and you are paid for it!

  • You won’t be left out in the dark if you don’t generate enough energy to power your home, the energy company can pick up any additional electricity.

We hope that by making solar power more accessible and affordable to new home owners, in addition to current grants, rebates and incentives, it means we’re all working together to reduce our carbon footprint and harness the natural energy from the sun to reduce the cost of living.

Working out how much you can save by installing solar is easy with the online calculator on the Broadford Solar website.


If you call Broadford Solar on 1800 332 332 before 15 May and mention Porter Davis, solar power prices start from just $2,190 for a 1.5kW Skyline system fully installed. Make sure you take advantage of 12 months interest free finance with Bradford Solar and start enjoying your energy savings sooner!

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