Q&A: Is the Randwick 22 home design on display?

Carmel asks: Are looking to downsize the house and liked the floor plans for Randwick 22 but no display home around here in Melbourne?? also can we omit the rumpus and fourth bedroom?

Hi Carmel, thanks for your question. Currently we don't have the Randwick 22 on display, just the Randwick 24 at Selandra Rise. The Randwick 24 is 1.3m wider compared to the Randwick 22, which gives you the extra 2sq, but the floorplan has the same layout. So if you haven't already been to the Randwick 24, definitely do to get a feel for the Randwick 22.

Unfortunately, we can't remove the back part of the floorplan. Given you don't want this space have you considered the Montague 21? This is a three bedroom, two bathroom, two car garage floorplan that features all the bedrooms up one side of the home like the Randwick 22. However, the kitchen is at the rear of the design.

If you like the central location of the kitchen in the Randwick 22, check out the Regatta 2128. Again, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car garage,  but with the kitchen in the centre of the home.

And the Randwick 22, Montague 21 and Regatta 2128 are all designed to suit 12.5m wide x 28.0m deep blocks.

If you've got more questions, shoot them through.