Q&A: Who does your driveways and paving?

Selva asks: Could you please let me know who does your beautiful driveways and paving for some of your displays an those in your brochures? Do you have any suggestions/ recommendations? Thank you.

 Hi Selva. Thanks for your question. We use a range of different suppliers for our landscaping. To replicate the look and feel of our display homes, you're best to turn to your PD Rewards booklet and speak to Boral Concrete about concrete driveways and paths, and also Melbourne Brick about pavers and brick options. Both are preferred Porter Davis suppliers who offer our customers privilege pricing and service.

If you're also on the hunt for landscaping products, make sure you check out Plantmark who are also part of PD Rewards. They offer landscaping products, plants and trees at wholesale price to Porter Davis customers - usually they only do business with trade only.

If you need the latest copy of the PD Rewards booklet, send us an email at info@porterdavis.com.au.