Q&A: Can you tell us more about NBN and smart wiring?

Rachael asks: Can you tell us more about NBN and smart wiring and what the differences are?

Hi Rachael,

Thank you for asking this question as we believe this subject  is confusing for quite a lot of people,  Hopefully what we have outlined below sheds some light on the issue:-

The National Broadband Network is a next-generation broadband network designed for Australia’s future needs. The network comprises of three technologies - optic fibre, fixed wireless and next-generation satellite – and will provide more reliable, high-speed broadband access to all Australians.Ref; nbn.gov.au

NBNCo is allowing access to higher quality and higher speed services through their Optic Fibre Cable. This is connected to the Phone and Data points around a client’s home. For any clients who are building in an area that currently doesn’t  have Optic fibre being run through their estate, however may at a later stage, Argus offer a “preparation package” that includes the required infrastructure needed for connection in future.

Clients can choose to stay with their current service provider or choose from a range of others – this information is on NBNCo’s website. This website also has detailed maps, when you include your street, you had the ability to see if NBNCo are rolling out Optic Fibre and what the possible time frame will be.

In general, it is the responsibility of developers to install fibre-ready facilities (pit and pipe) and arranging for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure. Developers may choose any provider they wish to provide infrastructure to new developments. Your developer should be able to tell you which carrier is providing telecommunications infrastructure in your estate.

The difference with other Smart Wiring Fibre is the Carrier/Service Provider. They all run the same/similar cable; however they have different connection requirements eg. may require a cabinet/enclosure, requirements within the cabinet/enclosure and a minimum number of service points eg. Phone, data, tv, pay tv.

It is purely to the discretion of the developer and who they choose as their preferred fibre installer. There are multiple carriers in which run Optic Fibre also eg. Telstra, Opticomm, OpenNetworks, Multinet, CNT Corp, Places Victoria, and many more popping up regularly.

Some of these carriers also provide the infrastructure for TV services to come through on the Optic Fibre, NBN does not support this.

Hope this helps!