Q&A: Can I arrange my own floor coverings?

Calida asks: Can I arrange my own floor coverings

Hi Calida, You will find that most major volume builders do not allow this to occur during the build process.

The main reasons for this are as follows:-

  • Occupational Health and Safety -  Your private contractor is not working for Porter Davis and if an injury occurs on site, liability becomes a concern

  • Damage – Concern if  the private contractor  damages something, such as the walls during installation or if the flooring, once installed,  gets damaged or stolen.  Once again, it’s a liability issue.

  • Delays - There could be possible delays in either the installation of the product or the supply of the product via your contractor and this can then lead to extensions having to be asked for by the builder.

Previously, we have accommodated clients if they have wanted to have flooring installed after settlement but this means that the skirtings are not provided. The skirtings would  have to be cut and painted by a private contractor, organised and paid for by the client, once the flooring is down. FYI - PD cannot cut skirting  to size and leave on site for installlation at a later time, due to the fact that  MDF shrinks.

I hope this answers your question sufficiently.